What better way to enjoy the best of Cantonese Cuisine than to have the ingredients flown-in from the epicentre – Hong Kong.

A 2,500km Journey

From our much-beloved Typhoon Shelter Style Deep Fried Fish Skin to our Free-Range Chicken in Chinese Rose Wine, every single plate is prepared upon-order, using the freshest ingredients flown in from Hong Kong. Ingredients such as dried shrimps or dried scallops - that have travelled over 2,500km from the markets of Hong Kong right to your plate - are so fresh you can literally taste the waters of the South China Sea.

True to the old traditions, our cooking style is detached from the hype of modern gastronomy, where presentation takes precedence over taste. For we believe that the proof is in the eating; the real proof is the smile on our customers' faces when they take that first bite or that first slurp.